Shanghai Soup Dumplings ~ Little Dumplings of Joy

Shanghai Soup Dumplings ~ Little Dumplings of Joy

Of all the dumplings that exist, we think that the Shanghai Soup Dumpling tops them all! Juicy packages of deliciousness….what more can we say? Little dumplings of joy! That’s how we feel about them. And definitely one of life’s greatest eating pleasures. Definitely happy food!

There’s no debate that the perfect soup dumpling starts with a perfectly thin wrapper. Look at the translucency of that dumpling! You can see into it, yet it’s strong enough to hold in all the tasty pork broth. Isn’t that the most beautiful dumpling ever! We’re so drooling right now!

Of course, there are so many types of dumplings that are delicious. We love the dim sum varieties of shrimp dumpling, pork shu mai and the like.

The Vietnamese dumpling, Banh Bot Lac is equally delicious. 

We also nosh on Shen Jian Baos. These are pork-filled, pan fried buns with a bit of juiciness to them. Very yummy dipped into a black Chinese vinegar scattered with ginger shreds.

But Shanghai Soup Dumplings are incomparable!

A basket of soup dumplings from a Richmond, BC restaurant

We’ve mainly visited Richmond, BC to eat soup dumplings because in our area, not many places serve them.

But recently, XLB restaurant opened in our city and man, talk about soupy dumpling love! Jasper Shen, the owner, has really perfected the balance between soup, skin and filling.

Shanghai Soup Dumplings from XLB in PDX

Some of the Hungry Chilipinos love meaty dumplings but some do not. Sometimes, certain soup dumplings can have too much meat inside and become disproportionate to the wrapper.  It’s still good but for some of the Hungry Chilipinos, overly meaty dumplings taste too rich. Usually, the meat gets tossed aside and only the skin is eaten. It’s such a bummer!

And at most dim sum places we’ve been to, the Shanghai Soup Dumplings lack soup and are thickly wrapped. It’s acceptable for the moment. But again, nothing beats a really thin-skinned, balanced soup dumpling!

By the way, XLB restaurant’s dumplings do not have a huge gob of meat inside – just enough to float in the soup and taste meaty. The best!


Soup Dumplings from a Dim sum restaurant

Well, there are many times when a dumpling craving hits us. Should be admit to this one?

What do we do? We reach into the freezer and pull out one of these ~

Hit these frozen things with a dash of vinegar and Sriracha sauce and they are somewhat palatable. Sadly, somewhat is the word here…..

We know. Frozen dumplings are a travesty!  Yep, if we can go to XLB restaurant or Richmond, BC anytime, that would be such a plus.

But the pocketbook can’t keep up with our insatiable appetite for soup dumplings. We don’t eat just one basket. It’s stacks, people! Stacks! And it all adds up.

So, thank goodness our usual Richmond, BC trip will be here soon! We can’t wait to fill our tums with the yums of soupy, soup dumplings.

How delicious does that look! Like we said, Shanghai Soup Dumplings are one of life’s greatest eating pleasures! As always, we hope that you have a chance to try out what we love most! If you are already soup dumpling obsessed, leave your story in the comments section below!

Best if all, let us also know where you had your favorite Shanghai Soup Dumplings so we can put that on our “to go try” list!

Have a awesome day and thanks for visiting us!

Yummily yours,

The Hungry Chilipinos




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