Pot & Spicy ~ Stick Foods Are So Delicious

Pot & Spicy ~ Stick Foods Are So Delicious

Name ~ Pot & Spicy

Location ~ 8320 SE Harrison St. Portland, Oregon 97216

Food Type ~ Chinese/Street Food

website ~ Pot & Spicy

Are stick foods fun and delicious? Yep, yep and yep! Pot & Spicy is a new place in PDX and it is a must try!


Inside this small space, you will find a nice selection of skewers to fill your belly. An assortment of meats, offals, fungus and tofus are set in the refrigerated case. You take a tray and choose what looks appetizing.

Next step ~ choose either a flavored broth or have the skewers panko bread crumb dipped and deep fried.

Broth choices are: Spicy, Original, Sweet Chili and BBQ.

Once you have chosen the cooking method, the server takes your skewers and hands them to the cook. We decided on the spicy-flavored broth.

While we were waiting, we started on the “Ja Jiang Mein”. It was super flavorful and just a bit spicy.

Ja Jiang Mein

The tomatoes were a bit odd, but tasty enough.

We didn’t have to wait long for the skewers.

We had ordered ~

Sliced Beef
Frozen Tofu
Honey Comb Tripe
Chicken Gizzard
Pork Intestines

We would have loved to try some of the appetizers but we already had enough food. Our neighboring skewer lovers raved about the “Lotus Root Salad”. We looked over at their table and it did look yummy! Next time for sure!

We think that this skewer concept hails from the Beijing Street Food scene.

When we looked at some Youtube footage, we had seen excerpts where stalls would have skewers simmering in broth and one would just choose a few skewers to nosh on.

Take a look at this video ~

Not a bad concept, is it? Bet it would be fun to eat something like this on the streets.

But it’s a plus to have a comfortable place to sit while enjoying some yummy street food on a stick! (There are tables as well.)

We really loved this place! It was fun and we liked “DIYing” our food. The server was very helpful and so sweet!

We predict that this place will have a huge following and will get very busy in no time!  Plus, they are opened until midnight ~ love late night noshing!

Pot & Spicy will definitely become our “go-to” places when we are needing a skewer fix. Hope you get to try this place out soon!

Yummily yours,

The Hungry Chilipinos

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