Pastry Artists Deserve A Special Place In Heaven

Pastry Artists Deserve A Special Place In Heaven

Pastry Chefs are very special people and because they make us all so happy, they simply deserve a place in heaven.

They are sugar angels, transforming basic ingredients into works of art.  Just look at all these beautiful creations!

Sometimes, these luscious things are too pretty to eat. But, resisting isn’t one of our better traits. So, let’s indulge and enjoy every delicious bite.

The Hungry Chilipinos crew recently took a trip to Vancouver, BC and had an amazing time at Granville Island’s Public Market.

There was so much to see and eat. But the biggest attraction was Stuart’s Bakery. This confectionary had the most glorious desserts. Everything was so mouthwatering and irresistible!

It’s just too bad that we couldn’t eat every one of these heavenly things. But thank goodness we took enough pictures to have a massive drool fest at a later time.

Nothing makes us happier than walking through a placed filled with sweets galore. Being surrounded by decadent desserts is bliss! How can anyone resist these tempting desserts?

Having a little treat once in a while makes life a little sweeter, doesn’t it?

So heavenly and delicious. Can anyone just say “no”?

We couldn’t resist taking this picture of Bon Macarons.

Here are a few other enticing dessert pics we found on Pixabay.

We just couldn’t resist.

We just want to take a bite right now! These look so yummy!

Cheesecake is the best. Topped with glazed strawberries…mmmm

A smorgasbord of desserts.

Beautiful sugar art. Pastry chefs are to be revered.

Pastry Chef Series

We are going to start a series of posts which will highlight some of our local pastry chefs and their wonderful places of yummy desserts. We are really excited to learn how these sugar angels took their passion for art and sugar to the next level.

Stay tuned!

Yummily yours,

The Hungry Chilipinos

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