Kayo’s Ramen Bar ~ Traditional and Signature Ramens

Kayo’s Ramen Bar ~ Traditional and Signature Ramens

Kayo’s Ramen Bar

3808 N. Williams Ave. #124
Portland, OR. 97227

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Hello all! We had another yummy noodle experience at Kayo’s Ramen Bar. Miss daughter had been dying to try this ramen shop for a while. Of course, we couldn’t say “no” to noodles anyway ~ so off we drove to Kayo’s.

The restaurant sits along side other shops along Mississippi street. It’s a super cute spot. But just a warning ~ finding a parking spot will may make you say bad words. So, we suggest you just find a parking spot far away from the main street and walk a few blocks to the restaurant. Save yourself some grief – it’s not worth circling around to find a spot right on N. Williams.

We love the minimalist decor. Fresh and inviting. It’s a small space but there is an outdoor seating available to accommodate more customers and your fur babies. (Sorry, no picture of the outdoor area.)

When we arrived for lunch on a Monday afternoon, it was already pretty busy. But we only had a 5 minute wait for a 4- top, so that was cool. We were so excited to try everything and it was nice to see Kayo’s awesome selections for both appetizers and noodles.

We started with the Wasabi Shitake Mushrooms.

Wasabi Shitake Mushrooms
Wasabi Shitake Mushrooms
OMG! The egg appie was so good! The tofu wrap reminded us of the Inari style sushi. And the egg….perfectly cooked and luscious. Wow, what a bunch of great starters! Loved every bite!
Ok, on to the ramens. We were cheering our ramens on and hoped that they met our 3 criterias:
  • Noodle texture – Chewy and bouncy (Qui Qui)
  • Broth – Robust
  • Cha Shu/Meat – Tender and juicy

Bowl #1 – Shio Ramen – A clear, refined and gluten-free soup seasoned with roasted sea salt and charred green onions.

Broth – So flavorful and light
Noodles – Definitely had a good springy texture
Cha Shu/Meat – No meat in this one
The Shio was a thumbs up!
Bowl #2 – Miso Ramen – A hearty soup made with a blend of carefully selected premium miso pastes
Miso Ramen
Broth – Miso broth was hearty and robust. A little viscous and leaves a little saltier after taste on the tongue
Noodles – Definitely had a good springy texture
Cha Shu/Meat – Tender and juicy
Thumbs up for the Miso Ramen
Bowl #3 – TanTan  –  A uniquely Japanese version of Sichuan DanDan Mian (spicy) flavored with sesame paste, and topped with seasoned ground pork or tofu.


Tan Tan Ramen
The ramen verdict – All the ramens met our criteria! Slurpi-licious and satisfying!
Ok, dessert time! We couldn’t pass up the Matcha Panna Cotta. This is a green tea flavored cream custard, made in-house.
Green Tea Panna Cotta – love love love!
Well, we love Panna Cotta in any flavor and for us to have a green tea version….you know, we were SO HAPPY! Look at the beauty of this sweet, creamy, luscious slightly bitter dessert. It was the perfect ending to our lunch! Of course!

You know, we think it’s really awesome to have Kayo’s Ramen Bar in our neighborhood. The owners have really put a lot of love and care into their place. Kudos to the servers as well – professional and knowledgeable. We will definitely return!

As always, we thank you for visiting our blog. We are always excited to write about our food adventures and hope that you will have a chance to visit Kayo’s in the near future. When you do, come back and let us know all the yummy details!

Yummily yours,

The Hungry Chilipinos




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