Jade Bistro and Patisserie

Jade Bistro and Patisserie

Name ~ Jade Bistro and Patisserie

Location ~ 7912 SE 13th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97202

Food Type ~ Asian

Website ~ www.jadeportland.com

Hey, Cindy here. Today, my daughter and I decided to have a girl’s lunch day together. We decided to visit the Sellwood area, which is about 5 miles from Portland. This area has some incredible antique shops with nostalgic knick knacks, as well as shops with a beautiful collection of china and glassware.

Of course, I wanted to buy everything but the wallet said, “too bad, so sad.”

Anyway, there’s also quite a few yummy places to eat at in Sellwood and it was difficult to decide. But since I had a craving for something Asian and “dumpling-ish” Jade Bistro & Patisserie was our pick.

Jade has an appetizer called, Banh Bot Loc. It is a crescent shaped dumpling with a wrapper made out of tapioca flour, filled with shrimp and minced pork. It’s topped off with scallion oil and served with Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce).

The tapioca wrapper is sticky, with a nice chewiness to it. The house-made Nuoc Cham dipping sauce really gave the dumplings a sweet-tart explosion of flavor. The scallion oil and bits of fried shallots added an additional “umaminess”.

It really hit my craving spot and I’m so glad Jade served it up well . It was delicious!

We also ordered the vegetarian salad roll. The rolls were filled with tofu, carrots and green leaf lettuce. It was served with a side of peanut dipping sauce.

We appreciated the freshness of the rolls. It was a nice, light appetizer to start off our meal. The peanut sauce is very thick and “peanutty” and my daughter wasn’t used to it.

We prefer the more hoisin based, thinner dipping sauce but she said that Jade’s sauce was nicely flavored and didn’t mind it too much.

We also ordered the Chiang Mai Noodles for our main entrée. It is a bowl of thin egg noodles, onions, and chicken in a yellow curry soup topped with crispy wonton strips.

Can you tell it was a really big bowl of noodles? We didn’t expect it to be filled to the brim but it was.

The egg noodles were just a nice al dente texture of a good, springy noodle.

The chicken breast slices were moist and juicy. The green and yellow onions gave the soup a nice crunch.

The curry broth was richly flavored with the coconut milk and the yellow curry flavor was very robust. It wasn’t spicy at all. A kick of heat would have rounded out the whole dish, but it was a very flavorful choice.

Our choice of beverages ~ Thai Iced Tea and house-made Strawberry Lemonade. So good!

Photo Credit: Jade Bistro & Patisserie

Ok, too bad we were totally too full to get some of their pastries. Jade had the most beautiful display case of colorful French macarons and sky-high frosted cupcakes. So bummed we didn’t get any to go.

Photo Credit: Jade Bistro & Patisserie

But there will be a next time. We loved the food and the nice, casual ambiance of Jade’s Bistro & Patisserie. We can’t wait to go again and try out their other menu items, as well as their deliciously tempting pastries.

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The Hungry Chilipinos


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