Dim Sum Means To Touch The Heart

Dim Sum Means To Touch The Heart

The Hungry Chilipinos love getting together for dim sum. It’s a time where we can get together as a family and enjoy some tasty food and heart-warming conversation. It is not often that everyone can eat a meal together. With our busy schedules, coming together is a treasured event.

Dim Sum puts a smile on our faces and touches our hearts. Because getting together to share and eat is one of our greatest pleasures. Food bonds us and dim sum is food that is to be shared.

Many small plates fill the table. The bigger the party, the more food to be shared. It is a very communal event. The Hungry Chilipino clan grew up eating a lot of great dim sum.


On the side, we would request Bo Lei/Pu’er Black tea. Tea seems to go well with dim sum because most dim sums are meat or seafood centric and it’s some pretty rich tasting foods. Tea cuts through the richness and helps to settle the stomach.

We don’t usually favor one dim sum over another. All of it is tasty. Mind you, we can really go overboard with ordering many small plates but somehow, we’ve always managed to scarf it all down.

Except for one time. We dubbed this particular time as, “the dim sum lunch from hell.” Mind you, we can take down our fair share of food and we are not intimidated by large amounts of food. But this day, we had gone down gluttony road and lived to regret it.

We had the unfortunate experience of not seeing the size of the dim sum steamers before we ordered. Typically, dim sum is loaded on push cart trollies and servers will push their selection to your table.

The restaurant we had chosen for that day, was somewhat untraditional and didn’t serve from push cart trollies. We soon found out as well, that their dim sum turned out to be portions larger and more substantial than what we were used to having from our other restaurant.

We proceeded to order sight unseen. In no time, dim sum steamers came out from the kitchen and were stacked on our table. We couldn’t believe the size of these things. It was all tasty but it was too much, for even the Hungry Chilipinos, to take down.

A good dim sum restaurant counts on a good chef. Without the deft hand of a talented chef, dim sum restaurants would not survive. Years of practice is needed to make the perfect shrimp dumpling and the mark of a good restaurant is its final products.

Shrimp Dumpling

Here are some of the yummy dim sum we totally enjoy every time we have a get-together~

BBQ Pork Buns
Chicken Feet
Pan Fried Carrot Cake
Sticky Rice


Egg Tarts
Roe Stuffed Fishballs
Shrimp Chern Fun
Soup Dumplings
Pineapple Bun

As we had mentioned, dim sum is a time where we can gather together to share tasty food and good conversation. We always look forward to this happiest of times and will continue this tradition for many years to come.

We hope that you will all have chance to have a “touch of heart” and enjoy some dim sum soon!

Yummily yours,

The Hungry Chilipinos





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