Afuri ~ Handcrafted Ramens and Izakaya Eats

Afuri ~ Handcrafted Ramens and Izakaya Eats

Name ~ Afuri

Location ~ 928 SE 7th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97214

Food Type ~ Japanese

Website ~ Afuri

Slurp! Ramen love is everywhere! Portland, Oregon is becoming ramen central and we have started our ramen noodle journey at Afuri.

Afuri is a Tokyo ramen chain, named after the mountain by the same name. They had chosen PDX for its identical beautiful water, ecosystem and local farms/produce.

How cool is that! Now let’s see what deliciousness is in store for us at Afuri’s!

Arrival ~ The space is cool and modern. We dig the industrial design.

The light wood addition adds a nice warmth to the whole space.

The bar is a great place to meet friends and nosh on some yums! Very well stocked with the usual liquors, beers on-tap and a grand selection of sake.

We arrived around 5:30 pm on a Saturday. It was packed! We waited for about 30 minutes and was initially seated at the counter top to the right of the restaurant. It would’ve been a great place to sit counter side and observe the staff do their thing, but it was so steamy hot!

 So, we asked the hostess to sign us up for a four-top and she happily obliged. After about 45 minutes, we were seated at the table.

Yay, let the eating begin!

Of course, we wanted to eat everything on the menu.

Loved all the appies! Everything looked awesome and we loved the inventive twists on some go-to appetizers. We eyed the “Chef’s Bowl” and opted for that as our first course.

The combination of the poached egg, dashi soy, ikura, tobiko, scallions, wasabi and kizami nori was delicious. It was a good few bites of the salty sea (from the fish eggs), finished with the creaminess of the poached egg.

We agreed that the uni and the poached eggs were the stars of the bowl.  Yum!

Oh my gawds ~ being crazy hamachi lovers, we had to order the Hamachi Jalapeno Carpaccio. Such a beautiful presentation and soooo delicious.

Could’ve eaten 5 plates of these.

We also ordered some yakitoris. This is the chicken thigh (Negima) and the minced thigh with ginger (Tsukune). The yakitoris had the smoky flavor from the grill and were glazed with a slightly sweet sauce. When dipped in the egg yolk/soy combo, it was heavenly!

We had to have our veggies so we ordered the Hakurei turnip and the Asian eggplant (Nasu) yakitoris. Never thought to “yakitori” turnips but these were really good ~ slight smokiness and grilled al dente.

The grilled eggplant was tender and the grilling brought out its creamy sweetness. Dipped into the eggy soy, it was yums!

You know that we love our dumplings and an order of the house made gyozas were a must! Afuri pan-fries their gyozas “wing style”, which produces crispy lacy edges on the gyozas.

It was a different style for our tastes, but it was still something we enjoyed and we devoured these in 2.2 seconds!


House made tofu was a definite plus to our appetizer round. It’s uncommon to find tofu outside its little plastic packages, so this was a treat!

As with all tofu, this one was also very mild in flavor and of course, picked up the flavors from the ginger and the dashi soy.

And since this was house made, it was the freshest, smoothest and creamiest tofu we have enjoyed so far!  We have been spoilt and may never return to the packaged tofu’s ever again! We need to find out how to make our own tofu soon!

After we had polished off all our appies, our ramen arrived.

All the Hungry Chilipinos ordered the Afuri’s signature “Yuzu Shio” ramen.

Afuri states ~

Our menu centers around our signature bowl of yuzu shio ramen, a light colored broth

built upon a reduction from dried seafood, seaweed, an assortment of salty, umami

ingredients and citrus notes of yuzu. Our kitchen uses the same techniques employed

in our “central kitchen” at the foot of Afuri mountain.

The yuzu ramen bowl ~ salt tare, chicken broth, chashu pork, egg, endive, bamboo shoots yuzu citrus, garlic oil and nori.

Our verdict ~ It was an acceptable bowl of ramen. We tasted a charred, woody taste to the noodles and the noodle texture slightly resembled buckwheat soba.

We would have preferred to have a more “qui qui” bouncy texture to our noodles and a more akaline taste. (Chinese style wonton noodles have that extra “qui qui” that we love.)

The yuzu was definitely there. It gave the shio broth a nice fresh, citrusy flavor. But for us, we would have preferred a more robust broth with a meatier flavor. (Should’ve gone for the Tonkotsu!)

The egg was super yummy ~ oozy, yolky goodness. Hmm, we seemed to have really enjoyed all the eggs during this meal, lol!

The chashu pork was tender and flavorful. The endive was an interesting addition that didn’t do too much for us.

After our last slurp, most of the Hungry Chilipinos enjoyed the yuzu shio ramen without too many complaints. But one  Chilipino would rather eat instant ramen. Hmm, go figure!

Verdict ~ Appetizers were the highlight of our meal. The next time, we will try the other appetizers, the Tonkotsu ramen and the Tsukemen ramen.

Afuri ~ This is just a start. The space is inviting, the food was delicious and the service was very good!

We really enjoyed our visit and will return again!

Have you eaten at Afuri’s? If so, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Also, if you are a ramen lover and have a favorite ramen place, tell us about it and do rave about your most favorite ramen style!

And as always, we hoped you enjoyed reading another one of our “Where To Eat Now” adventures.

Remember, slurp loudly, deliciously and have a fantastic day!

Yummily yours,

The Hungry Chilipinos

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